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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Co-operators Foundation

In 2011, The Co-operators contributed a total of $6.1 million to various initiatives that support Canadians and our communities. This number amounted to 3.9% of The Co-operators pre-tax profits using the Imagine Canada formula, which qualifies us as a Caring Company with Imagine Canada for demonstrating leadership in community investment.

Corporate giving program
In 2011 over $1 million dollars was donated to numerous charities, not‑for‑profit organizations and activities across Canada through our Directed Donations program, support of the United Way, and special Committee Allocations; for example, the numerous post-secondary education programs we support across the country.
Community Economic Development (CED) Fund 
In 2011, a total of $419,918 was granted to 23 community-based organizations to develop sustainable practices and support programs that help disadvantaged Canadians move towards self-reliance.
Co-operative Development Program (CDP)
In 2011, $115,800 was granted to 11 emerging or expanding co‑operatives across Canada.
To date IMPACT! student alumni have received $165,425 in funding for their projects.