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Monday, January 7, 2013

Reading CODE Teachers and adopt a library in Africa

Reading CODE is a comprehensive readership initiative that works with local teachers, librarians, writers, and publishers to support and sustain the development of literacy learning in K-12 schools. Reading CODE draws on CODE's fifty years experience supporting local children's book production in Africa and Latin America. It adds best practices in teaching reading, writing, and critical thinking, along with a proven model of successful collaboration with in-country partners, to ensure long-term sustainability of our impact.

Two key elements essential to successfully developing and sustaining literacy:
  • Interesting books, relevant to the readers, and written in languages the readers understand
  • Meaningful engagement with these books through high quality teaching.
Reading CODE Teachers

Teachers who are trained in Reading CODE programs learn ways to develop:

  • concepts about print and word recognition for beginning reading
  • vocabulary and other language skills
  • reading fluency
  • comprehension, skills of inquiry and independent thinking
  • written expression
  • study skills
  • ability and confidence for participating in discussions and debates
  • a habit and love of reading

The teaching methodologies promoted by Reading CODE draw from evidence-based best practices in child-centered learning and aim to make the student an active participant in his or her own learning journey. Master teachers reinforce the methodologies by adapting them to local circumstances.

Development of Writers

CODE and its partners enlist the support of experienced writers, illustrators, and editors who volunteer to conduct workshops and to mentor local authors and artists on the production of appropriate materials for children. This results in books that reflect the realities and possibilities of children's own lives and the values of their cultures.

For Teachers and Librarians

Your class, school or youth group can adopt a library and learn more about a community in Africa. Organize a read-a-thon, a book sale, a bake sale or an innovative fundraising activity. Launch a challenge to another class or another school. Start small, visit the CODE website and watch your library grow. You can help CODE and our local partners create a place for a student to do their homework, research new subjects and discover the world around them. Just call CODE at 1-800-661-2633 ext. 245 or email us at You can let us know if you would like your school listed on the CODE website.