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Friday, March 18, 2011

Literacy Board meeting

June 21, 7 pm, attended the Bylaw review meeting

June 20, 6:30 pm, Dessert potluck and volunteer appreciation
Over 50 people participated in the appreciation evening.

Casino volunteer
June 21 COW Bus

May 8, 2012
Dates to remember:
May 31, 7 pm meeting
June 20, Dessert potluck recipes

March 29, 2012
I attended the AGM. I was nominated and elected the Vice Chair.
Dates to remember:
April 12, 7 pm: Bylaws and Strategic planning meeting
April 19: Volunteer Appreciation
May 10: Regular board meeting
August (last week): COW Bus

March 8th, 2012
I attended the literacy board meeting.
Dates to remember:
March 29, 7 pm: AGM
April worker bee: Books for babies
June 13/14: Volunteer at the Casino

October 27, 2011
I participated at our literacy board meeting along with other board members.  We are a governing board and we discussed our mission, vision, goals and motto. We finalized our letterhead. We plan to participate at our community events such as Gingerbread and Glitter, Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle campaign, etc.