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Monday, January 7, 2013

Let’s Talk Science

Let's Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization and they deliver science learning programs and services that turn children and youth on to science, keep them engaged in learning and develop their potential to become 21st century citizens, innovators and stewards.

As a parent or guardian, you are the first and most important educator in your child's life. You have the ability to nurture your child's desire to ask questions, seek answers, build skills and develop positive attitudes toward science — fostering learning that will last a lifetime.

Science at Home
At Let's Talk Science, we believe life-long learning begins at home. Whether you spend a day doing arts and crafts, baking, or taking your child on a 'field trip' in your community, it's easier than you think to spark science learning and engage your child in meaningful explorations that not only interest them (and you), but encourage them to keep asking important questions. Visit Science at Home for some quick and easy tips to get the whole family involved.

Hands-on Activities
Explore Let's Talk Science's comprehensive database of fun, interesting hands-on science, engineering and technology activities. We have a range of activities you can sort through based on the age of your child, the field you are interested in and the amount of time it will take. Click here to go to our hands-on activity database.

Early Learning
Let's Talk Science specializes in early learning for children aged six months to six years. To learn more about our unique Wings of Discovery® resources, click here.

Home Schooling
If you are a home schooling parent, Let's Talk Science has a number of services and resources you can draw on. For more information, visit our home-schooling page.

Science Outreach
Let's Talk Science's talented and enthusiastic volunteers are waiting to visit your child's classroom, home school congregated group, community event or community group, like Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, to deliver hands-on science, engineering and technology activities.

Please visit our Science at School page for more information, or to contact our volunteers. Here you will also find information on the All Science Challenge.