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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Call for nominations Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Awards

December 5, 2012: Indspire is proud to launch a new initiative to celebrate the achievements of Indigenous educators across Canada. Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Awards will recognize those who have made valuable contributions in the education field while honouring the principles of Indigenous knowledge.

"Indigenous educators guide their students on a daily basis. They do this through leadership, innovative practices and dedication to community," said Indspire President and CEO, Roberta Jamieson. "Indspire acknowledges the contributions of these dedicated professionals at the forefront; they are making a difference in the lives of Indigenous students every single day."

Indspire will present its inaugural Indigenous Educator Awards in March 2013 at the first-ever National Gathering of Indigenous Educators in Calgary, Alberta. Canadians may nominate individuals of First Nation, Inuit or M├ętis heritage who demonstrate outstanding achievement in education and are practicing K-12 educators in one of five categories. A sixth category recognizes non-Indigenous educators who contribute to the success of Indigenous students. In addition to the recognition, each award comes with a $1,000 cash prize.