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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Students in fifth grade at Carroll Lutheran School enjoy reading and have helped coordinate three projects that will bring new materials to their school’s library.


Their first addition came by winning a basket filled with 20 books from the Baltimore's Child "We Need Books" program. Their winning entry reflected on their love for reading and their desire to give the books to the library to help build the collection. 

Their second effort was planning and participating in the school's first Read-In, called "Feeding a Starving Collection." Students from grades five to eight participated, and their pledges helped fund young adult books for the Carroll Lutheran School library. Fifth-grader Wayne Tate was the top fundraiser for this event. All students left with prizes donated by local businesses and families from the community.

The third effort was organizing the Art to Remember fundraiser for kindergarten to eighth grade. The items ordered arrived in time to be Easter presents. Funds from this project will be used for nonfiction entries that complement the curriculum in social studies and science.