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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enlightening the Hearts

"Enlightening the Hearts" program of the Olinga Foundation encourages local dialects and moral virtues, reaching more than 22,000 students in remote rural schools

"The methodology makes it so simple to acquire language skills," said Samson Boakye, a teacher at the Anyinabrim primary school. "The syllabic approach is excellent. Then there is transfer of knowledge from the Ghanaian language to the English language. Children are therefore reading the English language fluently."

Along with its distinctive method for teaching literacy, the program also incorporates elements of moral education by emphasizing virtues drawn from religious scriptures — another feature that has drawn praise.

"Why I like this program mostly is the moral aspect of the book which will no doubt help children to become good citizens in the future," said Ayyub Yaku Aidoo, a teacher at the Samreboi primary school.

The moral values discussed in the workbooks are patience, honesty, trustworthiness, love, humility, obedience, purity, kindness, and modesty.