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Monday, May 7, 2012

Author’s for Earth Day

Author's for Earth Day is a coalition of authors and editors who share Earth Day with a school and donate their speaking fee to an organization of the students' choice, said Jenkintown Elementary librarian Doris Heise. Gutman was able to donate his speaking salary to the Humane Society of the United States with an additional $274 the students raised.

Well-known children's book author Dan Gutman visited Jenkintown Elementary School April 27 as his Authors for Earth Day pick.

"These special April author visits are designed to empower kids to find their 'voice,' and to use that voice to help care for our blue planet," said Author's for Earth Day founder Brooke Bressesen in a recent press release.

"I write all my ideas on flash cards," Gutman said. "Then I arrange the flash cards in the order I think the story should go. I type them up and show the story first to my daughter. I add her ideas and then I show the story to my wife. I add her ideas and then I show it my editor and I add her ideas. Then I'm all done.

"When you have to write something for school and your teacher says write it again, don't get frustrated because they are just trying to make you better.