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Thursday, May 17, 2012

School a big winner in milk contest

According to the California Milk Advisory Board, great milk comes from happy cows.
And that milk made for happy students as 32 fifth-graders at Elsinore Elementary School were awarded their own Nintendo Wii Fit unit Friday as a prize in a contest hosted by the dairy group.
"It's awesome," Renee Holton, 11, said of her prize. "I was surprised."

The fitness game was only a part of what the school received. Elsinore Elementary also won $23,500 and 500 books for its library.

All were part of a contest hosted by the Milk Advisory Board where schoolchildren in 10 counties were encouraged to cut the "Real California Milk" logo off products such as milk, cheese and ice cream and turn them in to their teacher.

Elsinore students collected 949 seals, each serving as a separate entry.

A seal from the classroom of Sarah Murillo was selected as a $10,000 prize winner. The rest of the money came from separate $500 drawings, where the classrooms of Glen Rhea and Janis Walker also won.