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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lib Guides

Elementary school librarians, LibGuides are perfect for you too! You can create guides to reach even the youngest students. Use LibGuides as a way to teach young students how to find information online and start them on the path to digital literacy!

Sure, your students can search Google and Wikipedia when doing research. But you, the librarian, know that there is far more to performing high-quality research. With LibGuides you introduce students to the research tools they will likely use in college (LibGuides is the most popular research guides platform at college and universities). You also teach them information literacy skills they will need as they continue their education. LibGuides is a media-rich and easy to navigate platform that really 'speaks' to and empowers Digital Natives.

LibGuides is fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook! Getting your content into these popular social networking sites leads to increased use and awareness of library's services and resources.