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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Print handouts and elements which are part of the TD SRP 2012

The print materials that are part of the program include:
• A full-colour poster for each child who registers in the program.
• Nine colour stickers for each child. Stickers can be given out each time
reading is accomplished and recorded or they can be given out all at once
depending on library staff preference.
• An activity booklet for each child that contains a story, book suggestions
for all ages, crosswords, riddles, crafts, recipes and log sheets. The story
on the first page of the activity booklet describes the theme. The log
sheets are for recording titles of books read over the summer. Additional
log sheets can be downloaded from the Forms section on the website.
This year, the activity book also includes space for the stickers, and a
game board.
• New this year is a preschool activity booklet, which provides an age appropriate
booklist, activities related to the six Ready for Reading skills
(see page 29), and also a matching game in the centrefold intended to be
used with the stickers.
• An invitation for each child that is designed according to the theme.
Invitations can be distributed to schools, sent to community outreach
locations or given to children who visit the library. If possible, invitations
should be distributed before the end of the school year in June.
• All of the above print materials are free to children who register for the

Page 9 of TD SRP manual