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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace Clinical Innovation Fund

Through the Canadian Psychiatric Association Innovation Fund, Great-West Life contributed monies to this fund in support of research that supports the objectives and values of the Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace. In 2010, six research projects were funded to examine the following:
  1. Effective return-to-work strategies for employees with an anxiety disorder [Principal Investigator (PI): S. Parikh]
  2. A mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for prevention of depression relapse (PI: A. Lesage)
  3. A program to identify factors contributing to the risk of workplace violence and employee aggression (PI: R. Randhawa)
  4. A disease management intervention designed to reduce disability (PI: M. Lau)
  5. Innovative strategies to improve collaboration between psychiatrists and family doctors (PI: J. Samra)
  6. A program for dissemination of a behavioural intervention for low mood and depression in psychiatric care (PI: M.C. Seto).

Each of these projects contributed in their own way to the advancement of learning and knowledge of workplace mental health.