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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Harbor Comics hosts their 8th 24 Hour Comic Challenge!

Happy Harbor Comics hosts their 8th 24 Hour Comic Challenge!

WHAT The 24 Hour Comics Day Challenge!

WHEN begins Saturday October 6 at 10 am and ends at 10 am, Sunday October 9

WHERE Happy Harbor Comics
10729 – 104 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, 780-452-8211

WHY This international event has taken on a life of it's own in Edmonton as, for the 8th year in a row, Happy Harbor is asking individual creators to produce a 24 page comic on the spot in just 24 hours all in support of LITERACY ALBERTA! Each person is to write, pencil and ink all the work themselves, a task usually completed by 5 or more people over a couple of months! It sounds tough but it can be done as dozens of people have completed the task year after year!

Each participant is asked to try and raise at least $100 for the cause as an "entry fee" to the event! Since 2005, Happy Harbor and the amazing local talent have helped raise just under $20,000 for the worth cause! In turn, Happy Harbor will supply snacks, water, working space and match $0.10 for every dollar collected and we are hoping to surpass our 2011 total of $5000.00! Also supporting the event this year is GURU Digital Arts College who will pledge $0.10 for every dollar collected!

To make the event even more enticing, several of the people looking to take part are offering special incentives if you contribute to their efforts including giving away original artwork, homemade superhero cookies and even custom tailoring their 24 Hour Comic to YOUR desires! You can find out more about these personal challenges through our website at! The store will be open the entire 24 hours and donations will be accepted throughout the event!

As a keepsake for this event Happy Harbor will publish 2 pages from every participants story along with 5 completed tales! How will we pick just 5 stories? We'll pull together a small panel of local reviewers to read all the completed stories and have them select the 5 to be published! Those 5 creators will receive a free copy of the collection of the 2012 challenge! We hope this encourages everyone to try and make the best story they can under these grueling conditions.

The challenge is to create, on the spot, a 24 page story in just 24 hours. Idea, story, pencil and inks! It can be done and done for a good cause – LITERACY ALBERTA! Join us October 8 for the Iron Man challenge of comics!

For more information please contact:

Jay Bardyla

Event organizer and owner,

Happy Harbor Comics

(780) 452-8211

Happy Harbor Comics was named Canada's Best Comic Store in 2007 not just for their quality of service and amazing selection but also for their efforts in community service, raising thousands for Literacy initiatives and Big Brothers Big Sisters. They also serve as the hub for the local, independent comic creating community and create the first ever Comics Artist-in-Residence position in Canada.