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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Developing Awesome Box by Harvard Library system

Developing Awesome Box

Beta versions of the Recently Awesome display page, administration page, API, and
supporting backend are up and running. To implement Awesome Box across the Harvard
Library system, we would need to do the following:

1. Acquire a suitable returns box for each participating library
2. Complete development of the supporting backend
3. Flesh out the currently implemented API
4. Investigate requirements for possible integration into HOLLIS

We imagine a suitable returns box is made of wood and clearly and consistently labelled so as
to be recognizable across libraries. The box could also be wired to display feedback,
probably in the form of an indicator light, to a user when an item is returned.

Match with Library Lab grant values
This service will allow library users to easily engage with the collection. It will also allow the
community to get a sense of what items are useful or enjoyable to other users.

Effect on daily operations
Staff members will have to collect items from the additional returns box and scan them into
the Awesome data store.

Proposed funding
Complete development of the supporting backend and API:
20 hours * $85 = $1700

Physical Construction of Awesome Boxes for ten of the larger open stacks libraries:
$200 per box * 10 boxes = $2000
Total: $3700

Principal Investigators
Annie Cain
Matt Phillips

Source: Harvard Library System Awesome Box proposal