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Monday, October 1, 2012

Aboriginal Virtual Science Fair for FNMI students, 2012-2013

The Aboriginal Virtual Science Fair is an annual online science and technology contest open to all Aboriginal students enrolled in any educational facility in Canada, from Grades 1 - 12. It is a science fair strictly for FNMI students.

* To validate Indigenous knowledge.
* To increase participation of Aboriginal students in the science field.
* To provide an encouraging "forum".
* To give every student a chance to participate.

The science projects could be about traditional ecological knowledge, biology, chemistry, astronomy and /or physics. They could be experiments, demonstrations, collections, research and innovation. For more information and some suggestions, go to the "Type of Projects" tab at

Registration: up to February 28, 2013
Projects Due: May 17, 2013
Winners Announced: June 7, 2013