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Monday, June 25, 2012

Woodlands Elementary School library is open during the summer to provide access to books

As the end of another school year approached, Woodlands Elementary teacher-librarian Elizabeth Roberts mulled over what might keep kids from losing reading skills over the summer.
Roberts thought that part of the problem might be that some students don't have access to books.
"Which is a huge thing," she said. "The more words they hear, the more stories they read, that impacts their reading ability."
That year, 2010, she helped develop a program that would open the library a day a week through the summer.
Nearly a dozen school libraries in Kitsap open their doors to students during summer break, including about half of South Kitsap's schools and Richard Gordon Elementary in Kingston.
The effort is one attempt to keep kids reading over the summer so that they don't forget vocabulary, reading speed, habits or other skills learned during the school year.

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