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Thursday, June 14, 2012 Ningwakwe Learning Press (NLP)

"Education is the key to our success and it is our way to contribute to our people.

When we become educated, we are self reliant as individuals. As more of our

people realize their goals, whole communities become self-sufficient. By

attaining an education we can work for and with our own people, working

towards becoming self governing nations once again."


Dr. Emily Faries


Ningwakwe Learning Press (NLP) has been publishing culturally appropriate resources for the Aboriginal literacy field in North America since 1996. NLP focuses on producing and distributing appropriate materials that:


· incorporate a holistic approach to learning - addressing the spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical


· are culture-based, reflecting the contemporary realities of and are geared to adult First Nation, Inuit and M├ętis learners


· consider literacy as a tool which empowers the spirit as a part of a lifelong path of learning


By developing and distributing essential skills learning materials, NLP provides needed resources to literacy students and programs across Canada, which in turn enables them to support development of employability skills and support the transition to independence.      (This site is a resource for literacy workers, teachers and anyone interested in Aboriginal literacy. Download free teachers' guides, lesson plans, student activities and literacy documents.)
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