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Monday, June 25, 2012

Speak. Share. Thrive. makes you a partner in the engagment process

The Government of Alberta is leading the development of a Social Policy Framework that will guide the future of Alberta's social policy and programs.
An important first step in creating the Framework is speaking with Albertans and hearing their ideas about the future of social policy in our province. This conversation will help all of us understand how everyone—from individuals, community and business groups, to participants from government, non-profit and voluntary sectors—can work in partnership to ensure that all Albertans, regardless of their circumstances, have the opportunity to participate fully in our economy, communities and cultural life.
This paper, which is part of a larger engagement process where Albertans are encouraged to provide us with their thoughts and ideas on the future of Alberta's social policy, was created by:
  • Looking at how parts of Canada and the world are approaching social policy;
  • Talking to government staff who work in the planning and delivery of social services; and
  • Listening to our partners in municipalities, the non-profit sector and busines

If it any time you need to contact the Social Policy Framework Team, email us at

Speak. Share. Thrive. makes you a partner in the engagment process.