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Monday, July 9, 2012

University of Alberta: Call for Indigenous-Artist-in-Residence

University of Alberta: Call for Indigenous-Artist-in-Residence
The Indigenous-Artist-in-Residence (IAIR) is a one term, 8 month residency that centers around being creative and creating art from an Indigenous standpoint with a variety of levels and ages of students at the university; and with engaging the community, both at the university level, the Indigenous community level and the urban and rural level. The IAIR is involved in collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Native Studies, and is sponsored by the Office of the Provost at the University of Alberta.
The University of Alberta is looking for the IAIR to be a supportive individual who is able to reach out to students, the university, and the surrounding communities and provide programs and teachings that deal with Indigenous ways of knowing and Indigenous ways of being an artist. The university, in turn, will provide office and project space and will provide flexibility to the IAIR to not only work with students and projects, but provide opportunity for the artist to work on their own personal projects as well.
IAIR Activities:
Keeps office hours for two-half-days a week for consultation with students, members of the community (including urban and rural areas outside of Edmonton) and the university;
Works with Hope Camp and U-School facilitating art with elementary school students at the university from September to May;
Present at schools, libraries, artists' organizations, and other institutions and communities in Alberta to speak on the topic of art from an Indigenous perspective;
Collaborates with both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Native Studies, but is cognizant not to clash with regular departmental teaching time; and
Pursues his or her own artistic endeavours.
Term: September 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013
Salary: $35,000.00
IAIR Space:
The Indigenous-Artist-in-Residence will be housed within the University of Alberta campus with a projects studio, open studio time, and full access to the university library and facilities.  The studio and offices are housed within the Faculty of Native Studies and the Faculty of Arts.
Application Requirements:
The Application Requirements must include: a cover page, a brief personal biography, a brief IAIR project summary, a brief IAIR project proposal, an index of the list of work samples, your work samples, your resume, and three references, please adhere to the following instructions:
Cover Page: stating your name, mailing address, email address, phone number;
Brief Personal Biography: 250 words maximum, typed in 12 font, double spaced;
Brief IAIR Project Proposal Summary: 250 words maximum, typed in 12 font, double spaced;
Brief IAIR Project Proposal: 500 words maximum, typed in 12 font, double spaced, (graphs/excel spreadsheets are okay to use in this case) this shall include:
An approximate timeline of the IAIR project proposal progression from week to week;
Description of your proposed medium(s);
Specific equipment requests;
Technical assistance requests;
The tools/equipment/software related to the project;
Explanation of how the IAIR position and the IAIR project proposal will engage the students, the surrounding Indigenous communities in Alberta, and the local rural and urban communities around Edmonton; and
Note your date preferences for your proposed two-half-day office times and on-campus time (note: you are not required to be on-campus full time).
Work Samples: Please send your selected work samples: minimum 10 samples, maximum 25 samples, these should include (but not limited to):
Images (jpg), video (mov, wmv, flv), music (mp3) or PDF documents;
For good image quality and fast upload:
images should be sized around 1024 x 768 pixels, at 72 dpi;
Video files must be kept under 60MB;
All Word or other word processing documents must be converted to PDF format; and
Please label all files accordingly: Last Name_FirstInitial_Title.
Curriculum Vitae (i.e. resume): maximum three pages; and References: provide full names and contact information for three references. Letters are not required.
Application Instructions:
The completed application must be received by the deadline of July 24, 2012. Only completed applications will be assessed. No late applications will be considered.
Send online application to: with the subject heading: IAIR 2012-2013
Though artists are strongly encouraged to apply online, you may choose to send a hard copy application. If you are applying by regular mail, please send by July 24, 2012 to:
c/o Andrea Menard
6-12 Humanities Centre
Faculty of Arts
University of AlbertaEdmonton, AlbertaT6G 2E5
If you have any further questions please contact Andrea Menard, Aboriginal Student Advisor, Faculty of Arts at: 780-660-2815.