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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Public Service Entrance Exam

New Public Service Entrance Exam

Looking for volunteers

Try out an early version of the problem-solving and reasoning ability component of the new Public Service Entrance Exam this summer and get feedback on your performance!


The Public Service Commission (PSC) is developing the new Public Service Entrance Exam, a three-part test designed to assess:

  • Problem-solving and reasoning ability;
  • Judgement; and
  • Written communication.

The new exam will have an unsupervised internet testing component which will assist in identifying university and college graduates for officer positions across the public service early on in the selection process, via the Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) program as well as hiring by various federal organizations.

About the test

All of the PSC's standardized tests are developed according to professional test development standards to ensure that they are valid, reliable and fair measures of the qualifications being assessed.

As part of the development process, volunteer participants try out new on-line test questions and test developers use the resulting information to determine if a question is working as intended.

In short, pilot testing helps ensure that test questions work properly before they are used in actual staffing processes such as PSR or other organizational staffing processes. The third pilot of the problem-solving and reasoning ability questions will take place this summer.


Get a "heads up": Practice taking a government screening test. You will preview an early version of the exam before the official version is implemented by the PSR program. You will also receive an unofficial score based on your performance on this preliminary version of the exam.

Your participation is risk-free and your results will be anonymous. Although we need your e-mail address to send you a link to the pilot test, neither your name nor your e-mail address will be associated with your results.