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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raise a Reader grant call for proposals by Literacy Partners of Manitoba

Literacy Partners of Manitoba leads the way in increasing peoples’ awareness of the importance of literacy and essential skills in Manitoba: We work with communities to develop knowledge and expertise; showcase the best projects and people who help us in working with literacy; and build networks and form partnerships with stakeholders and individuals who are a part of the cause.

The Raise-a-Reader Fund
is an extension of Literacy Partners of Manitoba, which has been secured and supported by PostMedia and the Winnipeg Free Press. The Raise-a-Reader Fund goes towards organizations that are promoting, introducing and working with families in the area of literacy. This may include working in partnership with other organizations that work with families: parents and young children and multi-generational component is allowed. Literacy Partners of Manitoba is pleased to offer up to $3,000.00 per Family Literacy Program in the LPM year – July 1/2013 to June 30/2014.

Funds can be used for

• Facilitation costs (i.e. honorarium for family literacy program facilitator);

• Fees/costs for family literacy training;

• Resources for programming (i.e. books, crafts, material supplies);

• Support services (snacks-must be healthy snacks which would meet the Canada Food Guidelines,

• Transportation for participants, child care) and;

• Honoraria or salary for administrative support (not to exceed one/half of the total grant request of $3,000).