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Friday, April 19, 2013

Need help with taxes

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program: Across Canada during each tax season, this CRA program offers free tax filing services for people with low incomes in collaboration with community centres and libraries.

Get Your Piece of The Money Pie: Launched by the Government of New Brunswick, this initiative aims to improve residents' awareness of the benefits and credits they may be missing out on; encourage residents to file their taxes; and increase the number of Community Volunteer Income Tax Clinics in the province. The Department of Social Development, The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation, Canada Revenue Agency, New Brunswick Public Library System and Community Inclusion Networks are all working together to cross promote the benefits of filing taxes. As a result of this partnership, the number of Community Volunteer Income Tax clinics offered this year has increased by 80%.

The Benefits Navigator is an easy-to-use, online tool created by United Way of Calgary. It helps people identify municipal, provincial, and federal benefits and tax credits that they may be eligible for. It links users to information about each benefit, including eligibility criteria and application forms. This simple starting point could have a lot of value for both individuals and service providers.

Make Tax Time Pay in Edmonton and the Financial Advocacy Problem Solving program at St. Christopher House in Toronto are innovative and comprehensive services that are making a real difference in the lives of people living on low-incomes. These programs recognize that financial decisions – like whether or not to file an income tax return – are influenced by people's financial literacy, as well as other psychological, social, and institutional factors. Learn more on our latest CCFL blog.