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Monday, December 10, 2012

Woodcock Fund Guidelines for writers

Woodcock Fund Guidelines (Writers Trust)

Established in 1989, the program has to date distributed $903, 773 to 183 writers.

Terms of Reference

The mandate of the Fund is to provide emergency funding to established writers in mid-project who are facing an unforeseen financial need that threatens the completion of their book. Successful applicants quickly receive financial support that allows them to complete their book projects. All applications to the Fund are processed in confidence. Successful applicants are urged to acknowledge their grants in their books.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. There are no deadlines.

Evaluation Process

The Writers' Trust is advised in the selection process by a Committee comprised of established writers from across the country. The Committee is charged with evaluating each application. Consideration is given to an applicant's publication history, the viability of his or her plan to complete the project, the nature of the financial need, and the strength of statement in the letters of reference, among other variables. The application process should take no more than three weeks.

What Grants Are Meant to Provide

Grants are intended to provide a financial bridge for applicants until they can complete their current work-in-progress. The size and length of the grant is determined by the individual circumstances of the writer. In evaluating an applicant's needs, the Fund will consider all legitimate expenditures relating to an applicant's professional work, personal living, and medical expenses.


Applications can be sent digitally or by post to the following:

The Woodcock Fund
c/o The Writers' Trust of Canada
200 - 90 Richmond Street East
Toronto, ON  M5C 1P1