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Friday, December 14, 2012

Calgary Regional Consortium The Calgary Regional Consortium CRC provides quality Professional Learning opportunities to K-12 Educators

Infusion of Technology into Social Studies


During 2005-2010, the Calgary Regional Consortium brought a number of teacher cohorts together for the purpose of developing a series of Best Practices that integrated technology into Alberta's new Social Studies Program of Studies. The lesson plans, activities, projects, SMART resources and historical multimedia projects from those work sessions can be accessed below:


Lesson Plans

Grade 1-3 Lesson Plans

Grade 4-6 Lesson Plans

Grade 7-9 Lesson Plans

Grade 10-11 Lesson Plans


Overarching Critical Challenges

Grade 1-3 Overarching Critical Challenges

Grade 5 and 6 Overarching Critical Challenges

Grade 7-9 Overarching Critical Challenges

Grade 10-12 Overarching Critical Challenges


The Infusion of SMART Boards into Social Studies

Grade 1-3 SMART Resources

Grade 4-6 SMART Resources

Grade 7-9 SMART Resources


Digital Historical Narratives

Grade 1-3 Digital Artifacts

Grade 4-6 Digital Artifacts

Grade 7-9 Digital Artifacts

Grade 10 Digital Artifacts


Current Affairs

Grade 3 Current Affairs

Grade 4 Current Affairs

Grade 7-9 Current Affairs




How do you take a mundane topic like current events and turn it into a powerful learning experience for students? Listen in on a podcast with two Grade 8 teachers from the CRC's  Infusing Technology into S.S. workshops as they explain how!