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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sarah Badgley Literacy Fund for Rural Ontario Children

Sarah Badgley Literacy Fund for Rural Ontario Children

A grant of up to $500 per year is available to Ontario rural public libraries, and to urban public libraries that serve a rural clientele. The grant can be used for a variety of purposes in aid of children’s literacy initiatives, including, but not restricted to, • Book Purchases, • Literacy Programs (story hours, guest readers, etc.) • Equipment Purchases (furniture, bookshelves, computer software, etc.)  • Renovations to Children’s Areas in the Library, and • Seed Money to Obtain Matching Grants.

Sarah Rosalind Badgley

Sarah never learned to read, but she adored books. In July 2001, at the age of three, she was killed in an auto accident. Her parents, Susan and Kerry Badgley of Kemptville, Ontario, initiated the fund through the RLA.


Rural Libraries

As community focal points, rural libraries perform a variety of functions. In addition to offering access to a wide range of reading material, they provide Internet access, make available audio-visual materials, provide local historical and genealogical services, offer children’s programs, and provide services to tourists. In doing all of this, rural libraries serve as community gathering spots that allows residents to meet and exchange ideas. In short, despite shrinking resources, rural libraries perform vital social functions. One goal of the Sarah Badgley Literacy Fund for Rural Ontario Children is to enhance awareness of the valuable public service that rural libraries perform.

If you wish to donate to the Sarah Badgley fund to help us continue supporting rural library services, please contact us at