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Thursday, February 20, 2014

National Commemorative Marker Project

February 20, 2014
National Commemorative Marker Project 
The Assembly of First Nations (AFN), in partnership with the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and in association with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and Métis National Council, has been mandated to support communities to undertake commemoration activities related to their experiences with residential schools. As such, we are working with a group of Indigenous artists from across Canada to design and fabricate commemorative markers for each residential school recognized under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA).

We encourage organizations who have not already received commemoration funding to immediately contact us to apply for a marker and a one time $6500 grant to fund a commemoration event in your community. In order to receive the grant, you will need to hold a commemorative event before March 31, 2014. There is also a marker project website that includes details on previous Commemoration Fund activities, details on each residential school, and a place for you to create and manage your community’s own virtual commemoration page.
Although you can organize whatever type of 
commemorative event that works for your community 
(a feast, an outing, or a community dialogue), we 
suggest that you use it to:
• inform your community of the marker project and to 
let them know a marker is coming;
• discuss where it will be placed/housed, and when it 
will be installed and unveiled; and
• discuss how you will use your online 
commemoration page.
The grant is to support Survivors, their families, and 
community members to participate in commemoration. 
Part of that involves thinking about how Survivors want 
their experiences remembered both in the community 
and among the larger public. 

The marker will be a small monument that is also a 
container where you can put stories, photographs, and 
anything else that is meaningful to you and reflects 
your experiences of residential school. The marker will 
belong to your community and you can choose to 
install it permanently in your community or to install it 
on the site of the residential school it corresponds to. If 
you intend to place it on the former school site, the AFN 
can assist you by providing a legal agreement template 
(easement) with which you can approach the current 
property owner.