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Friday, February 21, 2014

Canadian Accessible Library System

Welcome to the Canadian Accessible Library System, a service provided by the BC Libraries Cooperative, and developed with support from The Provincial and Territorial Public Library Council – Conseil provincial et territorial des bibliotheques. Please use this page to search for accessible titles from the repository.

The National Network of Equitable Library Services

Join the process to integrate alternate formats for those with print disabilities into library services in Canada. With the establishment of CALS (Canadian Accessible Library System), public libraries are seeking new library card holders and extending services to existing card holders eligible for alternate format materials.

Through CALS, NNELS partners are set to simplify and extend access for print disabled Canadians. If you are:

  • print disabled Canadian: Find out when your library will be live on the network. You do not need to be a current library card holder to join.
  • local library: let us know how soon you would like to integrate the NNELS service
  • publisher interested in sharing material in alternate format: we welcome working with you.
  • user group or institution with experience and practices to exchangejoin our forums to teach and to learn about library services for the print disabled.

For more information or to get involved, contact us today at