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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Engagement strategy

Our engagement strategy is informed by A Framework for Action, a working document outlining drivers of change.


Key considerations guiding the National Engagement Strategy

1.     The process is premised on a strengths-based approach that recognizes the sector's many assets and seeks to maximize the contributions of charities and nonprofits to Canada and the world.

2.     Events and activities associated with this process are being planned, hosted, implemented and evaluated through shared leadership with colleagues and organizations from across the sector.

3.     Imagine Canada advocates joint ownership with the sector of the success or failure of this process, recognizing that this is a social experiment where many lessons will be learned and where course corrections will be required along the way.

4.     Momentum for the process is being developed by initially engaging a coalition of the willing, recognizing that organizations across the sector will have differing levels of ability and desire to engage as early adopters and that engagement is expected to grow over time.

5.     Even as this process focuses on strengthening the voice, capacity and effectiveness of charities and nonprofits in Canada, the motivating purpose is to maximize the sector's ability to contribute to the quality of life, self-fulfillment and prosperity of Canadians and citizens around the world.