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Thursday, September 12, 2013

ArtsSmarts Youth Creativity Challenge

ArtsSmarts Youth Creativity Challenge

YCC New LogoTEACHERS! Engage your students in a creative approach to learning.
ARTISTS! Put your expertise to work and assist a youth-led art project.
STUDENTS! Collaborate and devise a project that is relevant to you.

ArtsSmarts' Youth Creativity Challenge (YCC) is an initiative firing up the imaginations, inquisitiveness, and creativity of students across the country. Engage an entire classroom, grade, school, or community with a youth-led art project allowing grades K-12 students to collaboratively express their ideas and become active creators of their future.

With a contribution from the Department of Canadian Heritage's Youth Take Charge Program, the third round of this fund will support students as they build projects exploring themes and or issues around their Heritage and Culture.

The Youth Creativity Challenge Fund will provide cash support of $1,000 to $5,000 per project. These projects must engage at least one class and include at least one arts discipline and one curriculum subject matter.  Applications will be accepted from all Canadian private and public schools and families who are home-schooling. (If you are home schooling, we suggest that you collaborate with at least one other family in your community who is also home-schooling.) You can read the 2013-2014 Youth Creativity Guidelines here (PDF)

Using the ArtsSmarts approach to teaching and learning this youth-led initiative will bring together teachers, artists and students to work in collaboration. Through a project-based method, the Youth Creativity Challenge Fund inspires creative inquiry, allowing students to explore their Big Questions or Big Ideas that may span many different subject areas of the curriculum, and where evaluation, assessment and documentation are an inherent part of the creative process.

In 2012, the Youth Creativity Challenge engaged over 2600 students from across the country that devised and led 26 projects. ArtsSmarts is gearing up to fund even more projects for the 2013-2014 year!

Students! Teachers! Artists! Create and submit your project proposals today!

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  November 15, 2013.



Projects must be completed between January 6 and March 21, 2014.