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Friday, August 19, 2011

Volunteer survey highlights

Volunteers in public libraries survey

A dipstick survey was run on Survey Monkey from July 19 - 23, 2011. Library staff was invited to participate in the survey. The survey url was posted on TRAC and YRL listservs. 31 people filled the online survey. The goal was to investigate the tasks done by volunteers, policies, volunteer orientation system, and the process of volunteer recruitment, training, supervision, orientation, recognition, and management.  Just to understand volunteer trends and support framework. I also chatted with volunteers in our community.

The highlights
·        Top 3 tasks the volunteers are interested in:
o    One time special projects,
o    in preparation of stuff for the programs for children and
o    book sales
·        Volunteers deliver books for the homebound program: 58.1%
·        Volunteers offer one on one computer training: 22.7%
·        54.8% said that their libraries do not have a volunteer policy
·        Top 3 training needs for volunteers identified: Team building, Use of computers, Communications skills, and Leadership training
·        Volunteer recognition events were hosted in April, May, October, or December

·        The need for people to help people is stronger
·        Volunteers like to know the time commitment
·        Volunteers give time for the cause they believe in and are passionate about
·        Time commitment is short term
·        People volunteer for social satisfaction and fulfillment
·        People volunteer to get work experience
·        People volunteer to learn new skills
·        Volunteers like flexibility
·        Family and corporate volunteer is a segment waiting to be explored
·        Scarcity of short term opportunities
·        Volunteers like a friendly atmosphere and their work to be appreciated

Training opportunities
The volunteer development workshops organized by Volunteer Alberta in Wetaskiwin are as follows.

To sum up volunteers build the community capital and help with fund raising, spread the access to library services, showcase collaboration, and their dedication by giving time.

Thank you so much for responding. Thank you for sending the volunteer policies. I look forward to welcoming you at our library on Sept 21.