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Monday, August 22, 2011

Help us by writing messages on liquor distribution paper bags

Together let's all raise awareness about FASD.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder  (FASD) Slogans for Bag Decoration

1.     Addictions and Substance Abuse Hotline- 1- 866  - 332  - 2322
2.     Think before you drink, your future baby will thank you
3.     Alcohol hurts unborn babies
4.     When you are pregnant the best drink is no drink at all
5.     If you are pregnant don’t drink, if you drink don’t get pregnant
6.     A pregnant pause..... Fetal Alcohol Syndrome...One drop lasts a lifetime
7.     Drink a beer, damage something dear
8.     Virgin drinks for your baby
9.     A bottle of wine can end your baby’s time.
10.  Community awareness is the first step to help with alcohol
11.   If you drink and are pregnant, don’t be afraid to ask for help
12.   Be a man! Stay sober with your partner and support your baby.
13.   Hey Guy! Be a part of your baby’s life! No Alcohol for 9 months  x2!
14.   I’ m a mama to be -no drinks for me!
15.  Luv yr baby   Luv yourself   Work to stay alcohol free! (use hearts for luv)
16.  Men! Help your Women Avoid Alcohol during pregnancy!
17.   Friends caring for pregnant friends
18.   Everyone helps for a Pregnancy
19.   Plan your pregnancy to be alcohol free
20.   Be kind to my future baby brother or sister (trace your hand on the bag)
21.   If you’re thinking about your drinking—ask for help
22.  Community awareness is the first step to help with alcohol
23.  Brain damage from alcohol affects everyone in a community.
24.  Pregnancy and drinking do not mix. 
25.  Stop and think. If you're pregnant, don't drink.
26.   Not a drop—ask for help to help your baby
27.   Work for Zero Alcohol during Pregnancy

Come, join the Slogan Writing Campaign. Please pick up the bags and slogan list from the library.