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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

September 8 International Literacy Day challenge

The key result: Most people would like to read a book or do crosswords.

Take the Challenge

On September 8th, get involved and take the International Literacy Day Challenge. This year’s challenge focuses on literacy and essential skills for everyone, everywhere. Try out some of these activities to celebrate International Literacy Day – and continue to practice literacy and essential skills every day!
1. Read a book to a child
2. Have a child read a book to an adult
3. Start a blog
4. Take a professional development course
5. Join a social media platform – Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
6. Write a letter to an old friend – the snail mail way!7. Share this list with friends and coworkers – and dare them to take the challenge!
8. Play a game of Scrabble
9. Look up and learn a new word (and continue to do so every day for a month!)10. Use a new form of technology (Smartphone, self‐serve checkout, etc.)