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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OTAN: Outreach and Technical Assistance for adult educators

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OTAN Vision

To lead California adult education in the integration of technology into the educational process, ultimately empowering learners to meet their academic, employment and civic goals.

OTAN Grant Objectives

OTAN: The Outreach and Technical Assistance Network provides electronic collaboration and information, and support for instructional technology and distance learning to literacy and adult education providers in California.

OTAN is composed of three major components, they are:

Electronic Collaboration and Information

OTAN’s online presence is meeting the communication needs of adult educators by:

  • Maintaining the OTAN Web site, a collection of information and a starting point to explore the world of adult education and literacy resources;
  • Supporting email lists, webcasts, videoconferencing, online meeting and other forms of electronic collaboration;
  • Developing online grant application and reporting for the California Department of Education Adult Education Office;
  • Providing support to users through telephone support and regional training; and
  • Continuing to develop and improve electronic services to best meet the needs of California adult educators.

Instructional Technology

OTAN supports adult education programs that are initiating or expanding the use of instructional technology by:

  • Providing information and training for planning and implementing new technologies in adult education classrooms;
  • Providing face-to-face and online workshops to increase skill levels of adult educators;
  • Hosting the Technology Integration Mentor Academy (TIMAC) to train on-site technology mentors; and
  • Producing a collection of online videos on innovative uses of technology in the classroom.

Distance Learning

OTAN supports adult education programs that are providing distance learning courses by:

  • Providing statewide licensing of curriculum materials appropriate for distance instruction;
  • Supporting free online curricula such as English for All [www] and CDLP [www]
  • Hosting a Technology and Distance Learning Symposium;
  • Supporting the Innovation Programs online application and reporting system; and
  • Assisting CDE with distance learning policy development.