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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ESL Literacy Readers resource

In this resource, you will find a selection of theme-based readers along with an instructors guide that will support ESL literacy instructors to create comprehensive, theme-based lessons for adult ESL literacy learners.

With funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the ESL Literacy Readers were written by ESL literacy instructors at Bow Valley College who have extensive experience working with adult ESL literacy learners and who have a vested interest in stories that will work in the ESL literacy classroom.

The stories in our collection have been written specifically with adult ESL literacy learners in mind and are appropriate for learners at Canadian Language Benchmark ESL Literacy Phases I-III. For more information on the CLB Literacy Phases, please see Levels of ESL Literacy.

The themes were carefully chosen in that they had to be both of high interest to learners, and more importantly, of relevance to their lives. Every effort was made to ensure the stories would authentically represent learners themselves as well as events and issues that a typical learner may experience; as well. Most of the photographs that accompany the stories are not stock photos, but photos of real learners at Bow Valley College.