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Friday, October 25, 2013

ELMO - Exemplary Literacy Materials Online - Reviews

ELMO - Exemplary Literacy Materials Online - Reviews is a free, interactive, online database of adult and family literacy resources and reviews. It was developed to meet the ongoing need adult literacy providers and learners have for appropriate and high quality instructional and learning resources. The Web site launched in May 2008.

ELMO Reviews bring together literacy resources + best practice in using them.

You can add your review online, or you can mail, fax or email it to us using this form:
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1. Who is ELMO Reviews For?
What Can I Do On ELMO Reviews?
3. What Kinds of Resources Will I Find?
4. What Kinds of Reviews Will I Find?
5. Must I Register For An Account to Use ELMO Reviews?
6. How Was ELMO Reviews Developed?
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