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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After-school Programs Important Part of Making Communities Safer

After-school Programs Important Part of Making Communities Safer: Chief

The province is officially launching its After School Network today to give Manitobans the opportunity to learn about the resources and services of over 40 organizations that offer after-school programming to the province's children and young people, Children and Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief has announced.

"The After School Network is about bringing together community-based organizations that provide positive activities for children and youth aged six to 18 and is a pillar of our preventative approach to making our communities safer," said Chief.  "The After School Network gives these organizations the opportunity to work together to strengthen after-school programs and shows our commitment as a government to investing in them and working collaboratively to help our province's children and youth reach their fullest potential."

The province has invested $12 million in After School Network organizations to help them deliver important after-school programming to Manitoba children and young people.  The province has also invested in a co-ordinator to help establish, co-ordinate and provide ongoing support for the network.

The official launch event was designed to give Manitobans the opportunity to meet with After School Network organizations and get information about the many resources available for after-school programming.  

Statistics Canada reports that unsupervised time after school is when the largest proportion of youth violent crime takes place and when youth are more likely to experiment with tobacco, alcohol and drugs and be more sexually active.