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Friday, November 16, 2012

National Call for Concepts for Social Finance deadline December 31, 2012

Through consultation and engagement activities, the Department gains a greater understanding of the perspectives of a wide range of citizens, stakeholders, and experts. This understanding helps the Department to develop better, more informed and more effective policies and programs for Canadians.

Current and Upcoming Consultations
National Call for Concepts for Social Finance

Start date:
November 8, 2012
End date:
December 31, 2012
Open to:
Canadian organizations and individuals

The National Call for Concepts for Social Finance invites organizations and individuals from across the country to submit ideas on how to improve social and economic outcomes for Canadians. Social finance is an exciting new way to encourage social innovation by creating new opportunities for investors and community organizations to partner on innovative projects and take their great ideas to a new level.

We invite you to submit your concepts for innovative solutions to the challenges facing Canadian communities.

Participate now.