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Friday, November 16, 2012

Indigenous Language Instructors’ Certificate - Elders Circles: How Indigenous Knowledge informs and directs the development of an instructors’ certificate in Indigenous languages (2010)

Authors: Diana Steinhauer, Anna-Leah King, Heather Blair, James Lamouche

Collection: Research Materials

This report outlines a project carried out to examine the role of indigenous knowledge in the design and development of indigenous language certification in the province of Alberta. It is intended to be a catalyst for language revitalization and maintenance efforts, and to support the efforts of a working group trying to forge long-term partnerships between universities and First Nations colleges.

The project included a literature review and the examination of current postsecondary Indigenous language instructor programs in Western and Northern Canada. The authors note that most importantly, the advice of elders, as holders and stewards of indigenous knowledge, was sought.

The report concludes that a certification program must be flexible enough to recognize the diversity of indigenous languages and cultures. As well, certification can be utilized as a tool for reclaiming the central position of indigenous languages in communities, schools, and homes.

Funders: Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)