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Friday, November 9, 2012

Aboriginal Women's Programming Elements – Aboriginal Peoples' Program

Aboriginal Women's Programming Elements – Aboriginal Peoples' Program

As the Aboriginal Women's Programming Elements (AWPE) is a part of the Aboriginal Peoples' Program (APP), you are required to provide the information requested in the General Application Requirements along with the additional information requested for AWPE.


The objectives of the Women's Community Initiative are:
  • to influence public policy and decision-making related to concerns and aspirations of Aboriginal women;
  • to maintain the cultural distinctiveness and preserve the cultural identity of Aboriginal women;
  • to enhance and develop strong leadership capabilities, individual and collective skills and talents, so that Aboriginal women can play a central role in their own communities as well as participate effectively in Canadian society; and
  • to undertake projects to improve the social and economic conditions of their community.
The objectives of the Family Violence Initiative[*] are:
  • to examine and address issues of violence in immediate and extended Aboriginal families; and
  • to develop holistic and culturally-appropriate responses to family violence.
The objectives of the Self-Government Initiative are:
  • to develop Aboriginal women's positions, strategies and research on Aboriginal self-government;
  • to participate and partner with other Aboriginal and women's groups/organizations as well as Aboriginal governments on self-government initiatives; and
  • to communicate with and inform Aboriginal women on this very critical issue affecting their lives and those of their children and families.
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is responsible for administering funding under the Family Violence Initiative for First Nations women living on-reserve. Information for Family Violence Initiative funding for First Nations can be found at: Family Violence Prevention Program for First Nations.

Eligible Recipients

In addition to the eligible recipients found in theAPPGeneral Application Requirements, eligible recipients include not-for-profit, autonomous Aboriginal women controlled:
  • organizations;
  • independent community groups; and
  • ad-hoc committees.
Deadline to apply is December 12,2012.