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Monday, August 20, 2012

TDSRC in Hobbema report

100% volunteer run TD Summer Reading Club at Emineskin Elementary School Library in Hobbema from May 31 to August 22, 2012
Vision of MIYO Education Authority:  Ermineskin school graduates are responsible and caring First Nations People. They will have a strong background in literacy that will prepare them for the world beyond our school walls. Ermineskin School graduates will share their literacy knowledge with others in the modern world. This will allow them to take action and contribute to local and global communities.

Community partnerships and resource contribution: TD Bank Wetaskiwin, Alberta Health Services, COW Bus, Samson High School Music band, Community of teachers,  Learning Links in Calgary, Wetaskiwin Credit Union, Statistics Canada, John Maude Financial, My Preferred Book - IFLA Sister Libraries Connection,, Nutters,  First Book Foundation, Fish and Wildlife, Ermineskin band newsletter, Prairie Tales, Autoparts, AlbertaWorks, Westlock Public Library, TD Bank,  Maskwachis Employment Centre, Facebook page, Ermineskin Social development and recreation department, Ermineskin Mall,  Boston Pizza, and ATCO Gas.  Plus, I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by Toronto Public Library TDSRC Planning Division, Library and Archives Canada, Chinook Arch Regional Library System and Parkland Regional Library.

          Week of May 31 to June 9: Launch
          Week of June 10-14: Distribution of reading club packages to students, Reading Recommendations
          Week of June 14-21: Collect resources and ideas from teachers
          Week of June 22-29: Prepare for the program
          Week of July 2-4: Set up the area for the program
          Week of July 4-11: First week and reading reward prizes

Program pictures and main learning activities:

Launch, May 31:

Promotion in the school, June:

Program Sessions, July

          Week 1, July 4th:  Book Brochures
Bookmarks, collage and friendship envelopes. Visit the following page to view the endangered animals collage created from brochures and information materials provided by Fish and Wildlife office.
          Week 3, July 18th:   157 participants and five community partners (COW bus, Screening of Prairie Tales and nutritional literacy presentations by Alberta Health Services.)
          Week 4, July 25th: Animal fact folds, family hand tracings, door knobs, and leaf prints. First Book Canada donates books for FNs children

After the program
          Thank yous to community partners
          Reading celebrations
          Report distribution

Registration Statistics:
          Week 1: 5 students, 4 parents = 9
          Week 2: 16 students, 6 parents = 22
          Week 3: 60 students, 50 preschoolers, 47 parents = 157 (included 5 community partners COW Bus, Ermineskin Daycare, Merv Leibel from Alberta Health Services, Film makers Zoe and Bailey from Prairie Tales and books from First Books Foundation.)
          Week 4: 18 students, 7 parents = 25

Activity and intensity of use of the library on Week 3 (July 18):
          Books donated: 236
          Books distributed: 196
          Volunteer hours: 48 hours
          Number of total participants: 157
          Number of Community Partners: 5 (Centre for Family Literacy Edmonton, Prairie Tales, Alberta Health Services, Ermineskin Daycare, Maskwachis Employment Centre, Ermineskin Mall, and Ermineskin Band Office)
          Number of bookmarks made: 87
          Number of friendship envelopes created: 41
          Number of documentary films viewed: 6
          Number of books read, reading recommendations and book brochures: 63

Key outcomes:
1.      Promote reading
2.      Access to library services; computers and books
3.      Social opportunity for the community  
4.      Relationship development for staff and stakeholders
5.      Leadership skills development
6.      Literacy links and capacity creation as the program was run by volunteers

Opportunities for the library as a result of the program:
  1. Indigo's Adopt a School program which will give us books
  2. Home visitation library service with Social and Welfare agencies
  3. IODE to provide resources for the breakfast program
  4. A corporate company to provide BBQ fund raiser and a bus
  5. Essential Skills Day celebration at Ermineskin Mall on September 20 at 7:30 am
  6. Reading is an essential skill community coffeehouse on September 21 from 3 to 4 pm
  7. A possibility winter Reading Program from December 1, 2012 to January 21, 2013 in partnership with the food bank and Ermineskin Mall.