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Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Dearborn schools open library in summer

Some Dearborn schools open library in summer

Doaa Saleh, second grade, top, and Hiba Bazzi, kindergarten, look through books they checked out at McCollough-Unis library on Wednesday. A few Dearborn Public School libraries are open to their students this summer. Photo by Katie Hetrick

DEARBORN — School may still be a month away, but a few Dearborn Public Schools have their libraries open to lend books to students.

“Obviously, it’s very convenient to the students, and we want them to read year round,” said Media Specialist Cynthia Alvarado. Alvarado in August is spending a few hours each week at Salina Intermediate, McDonald Elementary and McCollough-Unis. She is checking out books to students in summer school programs, but also in most cases to any student at the school who stops by and wants one. Miller Elementary also held library times this summer.

Generally, the students who lose the most academic progress over the summer are the ones who struggled the most to begin with, experts say.

Alvarado said research has also shown the students who slide the most over the long break are the ones with the fewest opportunities to read or learn new things through projects, museum visits, etc.
“It’s fun to read books,” said Abby Garcia, a fourth grader at McCollough-Unis. She and her sister, Keyla Garcia, were looking through the school library as part of the summer school program. Keyla said she liked to read to learn things and she especially likes Junie B. Jones and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.