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Friday, May 27, 2011

May 24 and 25: Samson Economic Development organized a Trade and Career Fair

Education, business and community organizations gathered in Hobbema to showcase the potential opportunities available to people in our area. Most of the booths had an 'Enter your Name to Win' box.

Some of the booths had an interactive panel. The visitors could write their ideas on the engagement panels. I enjoyed listening to the community voices and a conversation with elders, warriors, grandmothers, aunties, youth, and our community leaders.  These two days gave me the tools-oars to navigate the library raft in our region.

I learned the perceptions and barriers some indigenous people have towards public libraries-that some indigenous people are not allowed and some indigenous people are not allowed to check out resources. I gave the indigenous people Overdrive downloadable ebooks bookmark and they just loved the 24/7 elibrary. I told them about Sweet Grass newspaper and resources available at the library.  I distributed community networking events sheet and in this way reached the 'hard to reach' people.