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Friday, May 27, 2011

May 26: Catholic Social Services outreach program

I learned to play bloskus game with children at the Catholic Social Services office (CSS).  The trick is to start with larger pieces and connect the corners. I listened to the case worker who takes of autistic children. The person explained to me that it is important to follow through with child.

I chated with a lady from Poland. A parent had just come back from Abu Dhabi and she was sharing her observations and thoughts. She told me that business and residential houses were in the same place, the traffic was 24/7, the Cornish waterfront was close to her house and she could hear the ocean. The visit made her understand the feelings and the capacity of newcomers to adapt to change.

I made many friends and invited them to visit the library.  I look forward to the working party on June 1st with CSS staff to create resources for the PRINTS program.