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Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th Building Blocks of Canadian Culture

 Workshop 2 on Monday, May 9th

 Building Blocks of Canadian Culture

 What do other cultures say about working in Canadian culture?

Hierarchy, time, communication and belonging are all sources of cultural misunderstandings at work. You will use each building block to anticipate and resolve cross-cultural issues in the workplace. We will discuss the Multicultural Myths in Canada and go into the generalized ideas to the specific workplace misunderstandings.

Target Audience:                Decision makers, owners, managers, supervisors, coworkers,
                                            temporary immigrant workers, first, second and third generation
                                            workers, indigenous workers, Asian workers, ESL instructors,
                                            programmers, HR staff, community leaders and champions.

Core Skill Set:
Suspending judgment, interpreting and negotiating differences, strengthening cross-cultural relationships and practicing cultural reflection

2.5 to 3 hours

  Facilitator:                         Douglas Parsons from Parsons Development. 

  Time:                                 12-3 p.m.
  Location:                           5010 50 Ave, Wetaskiwin (Wetaskiwin Community Literacy Office)
  Refreshment style:           Brown bag lunch     

Registration or for more information contact: Manisha Khetarpal, Wetaskiwin Public Library
Tel: 780 361 4447 or by email at

Cost: Free

Brought to you by:

·        Alberta Employment and Immigration
·        City of Wetaskiwin
·        Wetaskiwin Community Literacy Program
·        Wetaskiwin Public Library