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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bell’s Connected to Communities program

Bell's Connected to Communities program

Bell expects its social investments to have a positive, measurable impact. To that end we partner with
organizations which share our company's values, deliver programs that align with our policy, have clearly
defined social goals, and demonstrate results.

Within the program, Bell focuses particularly on projects that enhance the health of children and youth.
Connected to Communities represents our belief that Canada's future is directly tied to opportunities we
make possible today—ensuring that children have the means to become all they can be.

Our support for children's hospitals and pediatric innovations are leading to major advances in healthcare
for the young.  Our partnerships with organizations offering kids the opportunity to participate in hockey, soccer and
snowboarding are raising the bar for community sport.

We are making an important difference in the lives of children who are lonely, vulnerable and afraid,
through Kids Help Phone.

We are enhancing online safety and helping make learning faster and more fun through our ongoing
commitment to youth and technology.

And we are active supporters of innovative programs that encourage and enable kids to stay in school.