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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prairie Tales

Screening of Prairie Tales and film making workshop

Zoe Slusar and Bailey Kerluke, of Untitled Productions ( are young independent filmmakers who have been working at producing our own film projects since High school.  They enjoy the creative freedom of writing, directing, acting in, filming, editing and producing their own films. In recent years they have won multiple 1st place awards, awards for Best Young Director's, and  have  had films screen internationally including New Jersey USA, Dublin, Ireland and Toronto Canada.

They toured with Prairie Tales throughout Alberta Art Days last Fall and loved interacting with youth about the  joy and possibilities of film! They have designed a film making workshop for younger ages is called 'Fun & Basic Pre Production for Kids & Short Film!'

In this workshop they will first talk about our experience as filmmakers; and aim to encourage the children and tell them how we discovered the world of film and how they have been able to create a career for themselves in film.  Then, we move into covering the basic pillars of pre-production for a short film. This includes brainstorming ideas, highlighting the importance of writing a script, picking characters, choosing locations, creating lists of props, and finally story-boarding. This workshop is a fun way to prepare the young participants for going out and making their own films. It gives them interactive instructions on how to plan and consider all the necessary components of creating a short film.

The aim of this workshop is to have a positive influence in encouraging creativity within the students by sharing with them all the possibilities of film making. They hope that the students leave the workshop  feeling inspired about their own story that they can tell through  film.

Watch them facilitating a workshop: