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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 8: Field trip and tour for Grade 2 and 6 students from Louis Bull band

Our tour plan
10.15 am: Mayor to read a book to students
10.15-10:30 am: Introduce guest, Aboriginal resource worker from Catholic Social Services and sacred teachings of water
10:30-11:30 am:  Students to visit various information activity stations: Puzzles, Flannel board, Play with puppets, Book and book sharing - write or draw favourite things from the book, Water conservation station, Feel the ocean and touch the shells and sand dollars/sea biscuits/ read the legend of the sand dollar, Meet Wordy the Octopus-write favorite words and drop them into the Octopus Box, Create a mosaic, and Read facts about ocean and water conversation which would be posted around the library.
11:30-11:45: Summer reading program staff to introduce the reading program
11:45-12:15: Tour of the public and staff work area

Fusion: World Oceans day, library skills/visit, PRINTS (parents role in interacting with teacher support) and promotion of the summer reading program