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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fwd: Thank You: Field Trip to the library on June 8th for Grade 2 and 6 students from Louis Bull reserve in Hobbema

>>>  6/9/2011 8:33 PM >>>
I wanted to say that our visit to the library was enjoyed by all of the adults and the students.  One of the male teachers that was a chaperone for us mentioned that he really was impressed by the event. 
Your stations were exciting, enticing, and engaging.  All of the children were actively participating and enjoying themselves.  The activities were thoughtful and connected to a common theme that drew the participants in.  I particularly liked the felt table and the puppets.  The multiple intelligences were well represented throughout the event. 
The children really liked the children's room and were still talking about it today.  I noticed that the parents were excited about what the library has to offer. 
Well done and thank you.  I was thoroughly impressed and will recommend that we work together in the future. 
Thank you.  :) 
p.s. Have a good weekend!  I will be cycling in the MS Bike Tour Leduc to Camrose this weekend (190kms). 

Beth Barban
Grade 2 Teacher,
Kisipatnahk School, Louis Bull Band