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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Nations Community Library Service development

First Nations Community Library Service development

Support by people, agencies, media, corporate organizations, tribal, provincial and federal government is gratefully acknowledged. 

May 23, 2013:  Library in a Box Service launched

May 29, 2013: Information Research Forum (Duty to consult)

June 10, 2013: CBC book drive mobilized $23,000 for the collection and development

July 17, 2013: ATCO Library Showcase BBQ (Community Collaboration raised $1400 and mobilized $3000)

September 28, 2013: Alberta Culture Days contributed $10,000

October 1, 2014: ebook reader borrowing service launched

December 2014: Viewing station by Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education $10,000

January 27, 2014: NoFrills Literacy day mobilized $10,000

February 28, 2014: New Horizons for Seniors Grant for computer training and digital literacy $23,000

April 15, 2014: Indigenous Library Training and Mentoring program proposal submitted

April 17, 2014: First Nations Library Service Without Borders gathering -Educational programming generated $4,300
May, 2014:  Save the Children Canada-Scholastic contributes books valued at $125,000
May, 2014:  3rd annual TDSRC in Maskwacis
June 11, 2014:  New Horizons Sharing Circle community engagement and language revitalization 

July, 2014: Online catalog in collaboration with Soutron Global

July 16, 2014: 160 indigenous community members registered for the summer reading program at the library showcase on July 16, 2014.

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