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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Aboriginal Women’s Programming Elements of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Program at the Department of Canadian Heritage

The Department of Canadian Heritage would like to announce we are now accepting application for 2014-2015 funding. The deadline for application is February 13, 2014.

Information on this funding opportunity will be updated on the website shortly at

The 2014-2015 Call for Applications is now open for eligible organizations interested in applying for funding for community-based projects under the Aboriginal Women's Programming Elements of the Aboriginal Peoples' Program at the Department of Canadian Heritage.

The Aboriginal Women's Programming Elements supports community-based projects that demonstrate the ability to achieve tangible results with strong community participation. This Program enables Aboriginal women to participate in projects that focus on any of the following three programming elements:

         Women's Community Initiative – Projects that address issues affecting Aboriginal women and their families, and that contribute to strengthening their cultural identity and traditions.
         Family Violence Initiative – Community-based culturally appropriate approaches to addressing the issue of family and violence within Aboriginal families.
         Women's Self Government Participation Initiative – Aboriginal women's participation in self-government design and advancement.

Priority will be given to the Women's Community Initiative and Women's Self-Government Participation Initiative sub-components.  Priority is also given to projects with an emphasis on support for the retention of language and culture, and which demonstrate the ability to achieve tangible results with strong community participation.

Please note that funding is limited, and that not every eligible project will receive funding. It is also possible that an approved funding application may receive a lower amount than what was requested. According to the Treasury Board of Canada Directives on Transfer Payment Policy, the Program should provide the minimum level of support required to achieve the expected results. Funding decisions are made through a competitive and merit-based process. There are no specific allocations for individual groups.

If your organization is eligible and interested in applying for an Aboriginal Women's Program project, please visit our website at:

Program templates can be obtained by contacting or 604-362-3527.  Sabrina Buksh is available to provide clarification on program guidelines and to support the development of proposals up to the deadline date.